Cycling Cities are also Walking Cities

This is more of a challenge than a detailed blog post.

I have visited many different types of city around the world – ancient cities, modern cities, dense ones, sprawling ones, people friendly cities and those which are dominated by cars.

I’ve also seen that a city can have a very high public transport usage rate, yet still be dominated by cars, or simply still have a very low cycling rate.

But the one type of city I have never found is one which caters well for cycling (let’s define that at 10% or above for commuter trips), but which is also awful for walking.

I’m not suggesting that cycling cities are perfect for walking – of couse nowhwere is perfect, but I would certainly suggest that if there are difficulties with walking, these will almost certainly be down to the way pedestrians interact with cars, rather than with bikes.

Again, large junctions which need to move lots of people through them are never going to be perfect for everyone. Adding a cycle phase to any lights means the overall number of phases goes up – even if the total waiting time can still come down as more people switch from driving to cycling or walking.

So the challenge is still there – I don’t think you can have a city that is really bad for walking, but which has a high cycling rate. If there is one, let’s hear about it, and let’s talk about what the problems are.

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