Force of a vehicle Physics

These meme looks at the risks imposed on other road users by different types of movement, including walking, cycling and driving a heavy SUV (or Chelsea Tractor as they are more accurately known).


PEDESTRIAN                80 4             6         2                      126                      1
CYCLIST              100 12           19         5                   1,422                    14
SUV           2,250 45           72       20              450,000              4,500

This is based on:

  • A pedestrian walking briskly at 4mph, weighing 80kg with any bags.
  • A cyclist at 12mph (typical urban speed), weighing 100kg with bike and equipment / bags.
  • A heavy SUV (eg Toyota Highlander Hybrid), weighing 2,000kg + 250kg for occupants and luggage.

Speeds are based on typical urban speeds on an arterial road, which might have a speed limit of 40 mph (UK typical), and where drivers will be typically exceeding that by around 5 mph.

A Lego 2×1 standard brick weighs just lessthan 1g (14 weigh 10g). The brick in the photo weighs 4.5kg. The comparisons are based on weight rather than volume. A comparison based on volume (ie using actual Lego bricks to make a “real” brick) would result in a much larger “brick” for the SUV.


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